Join our highly trained team of Learnersaurus Coaches

We offer the opportunity to be part of a highly trained, skilled team of dedicated professionals who will be accredited to deliver the Learnersaurus Literacy program. You can use the Learnersaurus program in your own business, anywhere across Australia. Our growing number of tutors, MSL trained professionals and Speech Pathologists now using the program, are excited about the progress of their learners. The simple, structured, cumulative and explicit workbooks are designed to take you through the program, with no time wasted in preparation of materials and resources.

As you know, there are so many students out there who struggle to learn to read and spell, who require specialised assistance in developing their literacy skills. Only very specific instruction will assist them, and the evidence based methodologies in the Learnersaurus Literacy Program are achieving outstanding results for dyslexic learners and students with learning difficulties.

We understand that many families struggle to find the assistance they require for their child and they are often unsure as to who can provide this and how to reinforce the lessons at home. The Learnersaurus Program supports both the parents and the provider, by ensuring that methodologies are reinforced throughout the workbooks in a therapy type approach within a very structured program.

By becoming a Learnersaurus Licensed coach, you will…

  • Train extensively in the Learnersaurus Program
  • Become an accredited provider of the program
  • Deliver an appropriate, well founded program that targets each child’s specific needs
  • Use a simple, structured approach that requires very little preparation
  • Develop a deep understanding of how literacy skills are acquired and how some people learn in a very specific way
  • Make a difference and change the lives of so many students who have struggled to learn through other programs
  • Be part of a professional community with ongoing support to assist you in the program delivery

How does it work?

  • Once your application is accepted, and training is completed, you will be licensed to deliver the program to your students
  • Training is for 3 full days at a cost of $950, plus additional resources
  • We will provide on-going support for our Licensees, including email support and access to our exclusive portal where our team can share experiences and new learning developments, with advice and guidance from Leslie, the founder and director of Learnersaurus
  • Licensees will receive a listing as an accredited Learnersaurus Coach on our Learnersaurus website and promotion via social media
  • Your investment of a minimal Licence fee of $79 per month can be paid annually or monthly
  • The licence is there to protect the quality and integrity of the program, giving your clients assurance and confidence in the program that they choose
  • Unlike many commercial licences, it is a flat rate for your use of the Learnersaurus program
  • Professional development opportunities will also be offered on a regular basis

How do I apply?

If you would like to be part of our team and become a licensed provider of the Learnersaurus program, please email us at