Become a Learnersaurus Coach

The Learnersaurus programs have taken many years to develop, based on methods that have been researched over decades, providing success for those who struggle to learn to read, write and spell.

We have a wonderful team of licensed coaches, delivering the Learnersaurus program to their students with outstanding results. As the demand across Australia for trained providers of the Learnersaurus literacy program increases, we need more dedicated professionals to join us!

If you are a Tutor, Speech Pathologist or MSL trained professional, we encourage you to consider this valuable opportunity.


Who can become a Learnersaurus Coach?

  • You will need a passion for supporting those with learning difficulties and dyslexia.

  • You will be looking for a program that is an alternative pathway to literacy learning.

  • You are a tutor, teacher, MSL trained professional, speech pathologist or other relevant professional who can deliver the program one on one, within your own business.

Why choose this program?

Many dedicated professionals have spent years trying to support and expedite the process of assisting their students to read, write and spell. They spend hours of time preparing for lessons, with little success. Many other interventions have been used and students are often frustrated and disengaged. Parents are frustrated and time poor, often looking for an uncomplicated solution that is easy to work through. We have travelled this journey too and have created an effective solution that builds confidence.

By choosing to become a Learnersaurus coach, you will save time and money in preparing resources and lessons, allowing you to focus on developing your students' skills.

The majority of students working with the Learnersaurus Program are seeing success within 10 weeks. With the evidence based methodologies embedded within the program and the structured workbooks so easy to follow, you can't go wrong. After 40 weeks using the program, the student should be reading confidently with improved spelling and writing skills.

What is involved?

Once your application is accepted, you will attend 3 days of intensive training with Leslie, Founder of Learnersaurus and Dyslexia specialist. The training program gives you an understanding of the research around the evidence based methodologies used to support dyslexic learners. You will learn about the process of literacy development, which is then used to support the application and methodologies used in the Learnersaurus Literacy program. Through practical, closely supervised training, you will learn to use the very structured and prescriptive workbooks and resources, that provide a simple pathway for the learner and the parent to follow.

When you have completed the training, you will receive a license agreement to become a licensed Learnersaurus Coach, which will give you permission to use the Learnersaurus program for commercial gain as part of the services you provide in your own business. You will be ready to provide the program independently in your own environment, conveniently supporting learners one on one.

What do I need?

All you need is "The Coaches Kit". New coaches are provided with a complete set of resources and products that are specifically designed for teaching the dyslexic learner. No preparation or other materials are required to deliver the program, saving you on preparation and assessment time. Additional resources and games are available to expand your kit if you wish!

What support do I receive?

  • You will be part of the Learnersaurus Coach team, who support each other through free use of our exclusive online Coach Portal.

  • Leslie offers guidance and advice through the portal, along with updated learning opportunities, extra resources and webinars.

  • You are encouraged to attend any of the 3 professional development days per year

  • All licensed coaches are listed on the website and promoted in various Learnersaurus marketing.

  • A licensed coach can purchase all resources at a discounted price and some products are exclusive only to licensed coaches.

  • The best part is that you will have a very structured and easy to use program for your learners, while supporting the families you work with.

What is my investment?

  • Your 3 day comprehensive training:  $950 (including training "Manifesto" handbook and 3 hours pre-reading/preparation)

  • Your complete Coach's Resources Tool Kit: $250 + GST

  • Be a licensed provider of the Learnersaurus program for only $79 per month (minimum 12 month period)

  • Additional 3 Professional Development days per year will be available at an extra fee

How do I apply?

We are in the process of changing this to a 3 day course in person, to an online course! You’ll be able to complete the modules in your own time, from anywhere! Bear with us while we finalise the online training and stay tuned for updates by joining our mailing list (at the bottom of this page).