Welcome to the Coach Portal!

Hello Licensees!

Welcome to the brand new Learnersaurus Coach Portal!

This is where our fantastic team of coaches can access new resources, program training, discounted products and news about all things dyslexia - all totally exclusive to Learnersaurus coaches only.

It is intended as a support for you to extend your skills and knowledge about dyslexia, which you can use frequently to learn, stay informed and receive special offers on all products.

The portal hosts 4 zones that will support you in different ways:

NEWS: This is a thread of information, including articles, stories, case studies, announcements, events and more. Keep a close eye on this page for updated posts from Leslie. Any new posts will also automatically be emailed to you directly, so you don't miss it.

RESOURCES: This is where Leslie will provide new ideas and resources for you to use. You can download worksheets, activities, etc. as they become available.

LICENSEE SHOP: This shop is password protected, and exclusive to Learnersaurus licensees only. Products are all available at discounted prices and there are some products in the licensee shop that aren't available to the public.

DISCUSSIONS: Got questions for Leslie? This is your new go-to destination for guidance, clarification or feedback. Consider this a round table discussion space where everyone, including Leslie, will be able to respond to your questions. All Licensees will be able to see and learn from each other.

A few important things to point out:

  • This is strictly for Learnersaurus licensees only (please do not share your login and password with anyone). Any information on the Coach Portal is not to be copied or shared. If this is breeched, your access will be revoked. 
  • Please be reminded that, as per your licence agreement, confidentiality in all areas of your involvement with Learnersaurus is essential, including the Coach Portal.
  • If you have any questions about the portal or requests/suggestions for the content, please use the discussion space to ask... No questions are too silly!
  • When using the Discussion space, please remember that we are all at different stages of experience in providing the Learnersaurus program, and it's important to be positive and encouraging to support each other. 
  • Try to log in regularly, there will be new posts every week... possibly even every day!
Stef Patch