Send in your coaching highlights...

Hello team Learnersaurus!

We have been receiving some great stories and photos from some of you, and love to hear of your successes! It’s great to share these moments with our Learnersaurus community to spread awareness of how the Learnersaurus program can help, as well as promote each of our incredible licensees.

We encourage you to send in any standout moments that we can promote on our Facebook and Instagram. Some examples include:

PHOTOS - These could be of you working with your learners, your classroom space, events for your business.

STORIES - A special little victory, a breakthrough moment of success with a student, testimonials from parents.

FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES/PRODUCTS - We’d love you to let us know which particular Learnersaurus activities or products are highlights for you and your learners, and why.

EVENTS - If you have any events or announcements for you business, we would be happy to share it with our network.

Please send to:

Stef Patch