Preparing for Book Week next week.

Each year the excitement builds in libraries and schools all over Australia as preparations for "Book Week" approaches. This year it runs from 19th-26th August, with the theme "Escape to Everywhere". 

Colourful displays, themed activities and character costumes are some of the highlights as children and their parents gobble up the incredible creatures and mysteries made available by the talented authors and illustrators.

But wait... how would it feel to know that you could not read or access any of the mystery or meaning from those books, apart from the wonder of the pictures? Take a moment this year to consider the 15-20% of the population who are dyslexic learners, who find the process of reading incredibly difficult, and not necessarily a positive experience. Would it be like watching your friends enjoy a smorgasbord of sweets, but you couldn't reach it?

At Learnersaurus we believe that all learners CAN learn to read, but must be supported in particular ways.  

If your learner needs some help and encouragement to enjoy book week (less daunting and stressful!), the Learnersaurus books are an entertaining read, specially designed to engage dyslexic learners. 

For next week only, all Learnersaurus books are 10% off at

Stef Patch