Meet our new coaches!

We're very excited to kick off 2018 with 9 new coaches in the team!

Thanks to these amazing people, Learnersaurus is reaching some new territories, including Townsville, Toowoomba, Kingaroy, Murgon, Redcliffe, Mango Hill, Ocean View and Logan.

Get to know everyone below and let's make them feel welcome on the portal!

Amy Lanchester

Amy is passionate about helping children to grow and develop, and is particularly keen to help those who learn differently. Amy's experience includes teaching in Special Education and mainstream classrooms for the past 10 years, specialising in autism, giftedness and twice exceptionality. She will use the Learnersaurus program to see change and success for children who have been disengaged.

Haley O'Rourke

Haley is passionate about the complexity of literacy, neuroplasticity and mental health in education. She has vast experience in science, nursing and has travelled the journey as a mother of a dyslexic learner. Hayley is excited about working to help families to achieve a wholistic approach to literacy and learning, through using the Learnersaurus Program.

Janae Moore

After teaching for many years, Janae became mindful of the number students experiencing significant difficulties in acquiring the necessary skills to become successful readers and writers. Janae has expertise as a classroom teacher and learning support teacher, from prep to year 4. She is excited to use the Learnersaurus program to provide an alternative learning approach to her students to support their literacy success. 

Kerryn Chapman

Kerryn is a specialist teacher who has a passion for supporting students with learning difficulties. She has worked as a learning support teacher for 9 years. She brings with her expertise in early years learning intervention, and case management of children with learning disabilities. Kerryn loves to support children with reading difficulties who are often overlooked in the mainstream classroom.

Kylie Griffith

Kylie is part of the Speld QLD team in Coorparoo, working alongside our other superstar Learnersaurus coach, Emily. Kylie loves working at Speld to assist children to develop and grow their literacy skills through a variety of techniques. 

Sarah Logan

Sarah incorporates the Learnersaurus program into her existing hearing business, paired with her expertise in hearing tests, hearing rehabilitation and communication strategies. Sarah will use the program to build confidence in reading for her own dyslexic son and in turn supporting reading for children who attend her clinic.

Shireen Kotze

Shireen enjoys working with families and children who struggle to learn to read. She has been a teacher for 16 years, working with students from Prep to Year 4. Shireen is passionate about working one on one with students, seeing the difference in the attitude when they become successful readers. 

Susie Ussher

Through her previous working experience, Susie has worked with people of all ages, assisting them to achieve to their highest potential, building character and personal growth. Her passion for supporting learners with learning difficulties has been driven by personal experiences and she works closely to nurture positive relationships with her students and see them build successful literacy skills.

Terri Davis

Terri is a passionate teacher with expertise in planning and delivering content using explicit instruction, for multiple learning styles. She will use the Learnersaurus program to give every learner the chance to succeed. Terri believes that all students should feel safe, secure and valued and encouraged to use their strengths.

Stef Patch