Promoting our Coaches

As the school year is in full swing, we'd like to help our Learnersaurus Coaches to boost the intake of students for 2018!

If you're looking to take on more students, we're offering to help out by promoting you individually on the Learnersaurus Facebook and Instagram profiles. With over 1300 likes on Facebook and Instagram, and boosted posts, your profile can reach thousands of people in your targeted area and generate more business for you.

1. Get to know our Coaches - Questionnaire

We have such an amazing bunch of people providing the Learnersaurus program, so we'd love our followers to get to know you all! We will promote your coach profile specifically in your local area, to spread the word and advertise your business. If you would like to be featured, please answer at least 3 of the following questions and email to

  • What inspired you to work with dyslexic learners?
  • What’s the most rewarding moment you've had so far, when helping dyslexic learners?
  • What’s your favourite Learnersaurus product, and why?
  • What does your coaching environment look like?
  • Famous dyslexic hero/heroine?
  • Share something interesting, that didn't know before your training about dyslexic learners?

Here's an example, of the lovely Catherine Moulson!

2. Sharing Stories and Photos

We love to hear of your successes and share these moments with our Learnersaurus community. It spreads awareness of how the Learnersaurus program can help learners, as well as promote each of our incredible licensees. We encourage you to send in any standout moments to, and we will promote them on our Facebook and Instagram. Some examples include:

  • PHOTOS - These could be of you working with your learners, your coaching space, events for your business.
  • STORIES - A special little victory, a breakthrough moment of success with a student, testimonials from parents.
  • FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES/PRODUCTS - We’d love you to let us know which particular Learnersaurus activities or products are highlights for you and your learners, and why.
  • EVENTS - If you have any events or announcements for you business, we would be happy to share it with our network.

Here's a great example from Eve!

3. Self-Promotion

Now we'll hand the mic over to you... if you're finding it hard to advertising or get the attention of new students, there are plenty of things you can try:

  • Advertising in school newsletters in your local area
  • Making a Facebook page for your own business & boosting posts in your local area
  • Promoting your business on Facebook notice boards in your area
  • Leaving brochures/flyers at your local Doctors/Psychologist clinics
  • Contacting local libraries
  • Running events or information sessions
Stef Patch