Professional Development this Saturday

Hi Coaches!

I am really looking forward to our first PD day for 2018! It will be very exciting to see as many of you as possible and a chance for our newbies to meet some more of the team.

As always, there is so much to share and I am excited to be able to present you with some new offerings, research news, and we'll get down to some nitty gritty with the workbooks and elements of the program.

I've had a few requests to give a program for each of the PD days for the year. The idea of the PD day is to have the opportunity to meet with the team and I will present to you some new ideas and spend some time on the frequently asked questions/concerns around the use of the program.

Each session will be different and will evolve as the year progresses. I don't think these sessions would be nearly as beneficial to you if they were restricted by a very specific and rigid schedule of topics. 

There has also been a couple of requests to attend via web link. We've done this in the past and for those with good internet connection it is has been effective, however the  flow and visibility of the session is restricted. While I am happy to set this up for you (at a slightly reduced cost) you will still need attend one day in person to get the most out of the experience. Please send an email to Warren if you would like to request this.

Please bring your coaches kit on the day.

I can't wait to catch up with you this Saturday (17th Feb) at the Windsor, starting at 9am.
(I'll be there at 8:30 ready with a coffee if you need one!)


Leslie Keast-Patch