10 Tips for Promoting Your Business

When considering marketing ideas for your business, think about your audience first. Who are they? What do they do? How can you help them do it better? Here are some ideas that might help you to find new clients, and help spread awareness about Dyslexia and how you, your business and Learnersaurus can help.

1. Social media

Some of you may already have a Facebook page or Instagram account for your business. This is a great way for your network to see what you're up to, and for you to share updates. There is great potential to reach targeted audiences through paid advertising & boosting posts. You only need to search for "social media marketing tips" on Google to find plenty of ideas!

2. Free info sessions

You can hold information sessions to educate teachers and parents about dyslexia and the Learnersaurus program. A free event can often attract attendees and generate interest. You could hold this at home, your workspace, local libraries or rent an event space. Depending on the date and location, Leslie may be able to also attend to speak.

3. Talk to your local schools and fellow Coaches

Some schools are open to including ads or articles in their school newsletters, which is a great way to reach parents or advertise upcoming info events. Our community of Learnersaurus Coaches have had some luck with this in the past, so feel free to discuss and share ideas on the Portal.

4. Referrals

The school communities are like a grapevine sometimes, and many referrals have come through word-of-mouth in the past. Suggest to your existing parents that they should let other parents know that they're working with you, incase they are also interested. A great way to do this is to say something like "My timetable is almost full for next term, if you know any other parents who are interested, let me know to give me a call quickly."

5. Local Newspapers/Publications/Blogs

There are plenty of newspapers, magazines and online publications that focus supporting businesses in a local area. These are a great way to reach people in your suburb specifically. Recently, our coach Susie Ussher had a feature article in The Chronicle in Toowoomba (go Susie!!). 

If you need assistance with providing information to the publishers, please feel free to email stef@learnersaurus.com and she will happily provide a media release or assist with wording. 

6. Branding

Spread the word through your name or branding. Put your logo and website/email/phone number on your car, hand out stickers and business cards, to grab attention and make it easy for people to contact you. If you would like a car magnet with the Learnersaurus branding (to put on your car), please let us know as this is something we may consider.

7. Team up with other local businesses

Some businesses (shops, medical centres) are happy to put your brochures or business cards on their counter, coffee shops in your area may provide vouchers for your clients, libraries may help to promote your events or business. Just ask!

8. Send newsletters to your contacts

Send a newsletter to your broad list of contacts with updates/news, share research, promote products, advertise vacancies in your timetable, share success stories, etc. This could be weekly, monthly or quarterly. Mailchimp is a very easy (and free!) tool for newsletters, and it also provides helpful insights into who how your audience has engaged with it, which helps you to improve it for next time.

9. Prepare a concise “elevator” pitch

If you meet someone new who asks "What do you do?", it can be hard to answer. We all know there is so much to explain about dyslexia, but it's best to start with the basics. Practise a one/two sentence answer to explain what you do. Learn how to win them over by emphasising the benefits.

10. Engage in Learnersaurus promotions

We are ramping up our marketing over the coming months, so we'd love you to get involved! We wouldn't be reaching anywhere near as many people as we do without our wonderful community of Learnersaurus Coaches, so please help spread the word. This could be through sharing Facebook or Instagram posts to your network, telling people about events, encouraging entries to competitions, and encouraging your clients to check out the products available at www.learnersaurus.com. Tag Learnersaurus in your business posts, and we will share them too!

Please keep sending us as many success stories, photos, testimonials from parents as possible. Together, we can spread awareness of dyslexia and keep changing lives for the better!

Stef Patch