Speld Fund Raising Lunch with Jackie French


Hi there Coaches,

Thanks to all who attended on Saturday for a great PD day of sharing and learning. I will be putting up some of the documents and research links for you in the coming days.

We discussed the possibility of booking a table at the Speld fund raiser lunch with Jackie French which is coming up later in May. It would be wonderful to have as many of us as possible there to represent Learnersaurus and support Speld in their fund raising event.

I attended this event last year and it was wonderful! Jackie is so entertaining and inspiring and the lunch was great. The prizes and raffles are lots of fun too!

I have added the link below for you to book and please let Mel know you want to be on the Learnersaurus table. 


Please let me know if you are going to be joining us!


Stef Patch