Changes to the Naughty Words book

Good morning all,

There's been a lot of things happening in the background at Learnersaurus and we would like to keep you up to date as the changes are happening.

We've been busily reviewing and improving our products, and making some new ones. As a result of your feedback and that of our wider community, there have been a few edits and changes to some of the books.

The Naughty Words book has been the first, so don't be alarmed if you notice a couple of differences in the current edition that your new families would be receiving. 

Yes we did make a couple of changes in our latest print run due to some feedback that occurred a couple of times around 2 particular words - should and before.

The word "should" had 2 words for the letter "u" within the mnemonic, which caused some difficulty for a few learners. "Before" was also causing some confusion, which we definitely don't want to happen! We also removed the extra "where" as it was the least used one.

We plan to update the look and feel of the books in the coming months, but due to low stock, we have printed some more of the same edition - just removing these words - for the meantime.

We are now in the design phase for another Naughty Words book, with some new words in there as well as the ones we omitted. If there are any words you would like to see in there please let me know.

We have many more books and games on the way, and will keep you posted!

~ Leslie

Stef Patch