IMPORTANT: Literacy Pack Updates

Good morning coaches!

I hope all is going well in your world and that your learners are progressing at a rapid pace.

There has been a lot happening in the background at Learnersaurus and I am excited to give you some updates.

As mentioned at our last PD day, our goal this year is about making our programs and resources more accessible and affordable for those who need our support, so we have listened to feedback from you, and from clients and the wider community.

We've been working hard to negotiate with our suppliers to bring down the manufacturing costs for our products, and therefore make the resources more affordable.

26 Letters Campaign

Our first big step is to launch our new campaign to promote the essential start to literacy; "26 Letters". We have essentially modified and rebranded the Prepasaurus Program, as we could see that there was a perception that it should only be for Prep students! 

The 26 Letters pack is now available for purchase to the public, as a "stand alone" item. We have priced this at a very affordable cost ($56) to make it available to anyone who needs it. The 26 Letters campaign will launch on the 26th June, with 2 free workshops for parents and teachers in Brisbane, so please direct anyone you know who may benefit to attend.

Our intention is to introduce the concepts and opportunity for learners to gain success in a more informal way and promote awareness of what is often missing for many learners. The family can then progress to you, the coaches, to access the next stages of the intensive literacy program.

The Literacy Program Structure

The Literacy Pack structure has also changed. We have adjusted the packs in order to make the initial cost to parents a little more affordable.

The new process is detailed below:

  • 26 Letters (the starting point - available to the public and coaches)
  • Literacy Pack 1 (Workbooks 1 & 2 and supporting materials - with coaches only)
  • Literacy Pack 2 (Workbooks 3 & 4 and supporting materials - with coaches only)
  • Workbook 5 will still be a separate item until Workbook 6 is ready, that will be Pack 3

This may need to be modified at times, depending on the learner (eg. if they don't need to do the 26 Letters Pack, additional items may be added to Literacy Pack 1 - Wooden Letters, etc).

All 3 sets together will be available at a slightly discounted rate, for those who wish to get the full kit in one purchase.

The new packs and prices will be set up on the portal in the next week and we will let you know once it is all finalised. 

New Discoveries

We have spent the last couple of weeks travelling to conferences in Sydney and Melbourne, meeting with some very interesting people in the area of Literacy and Dyslexia.

I am looking forward to sharing lots of this information at our PD day on the 23rd June.

Stay warm and enjoy the sunshine :)

Stef Patch