Seeking Volunteers for Coach/Student Photos and Interviews


Hi Brisbane Coaches!

Stef here - for those I haven't met, I'm Leslie's daughter and I work for Learnersaurus on all marketing, digital content and product design! 

I'm usually based in Sydney, but will be in Brisbane early next week. It's a great opportunity for me to capture some photos and film footage of you, your students, and possibly their parents too, and would for love any of you to please volunteer!

Photos and footage of our awesome products, coaches and students are an excellent way to demonstrate to our audience how a coaching session looks, how our coaches are friendly and approachable to work with, and how the student enjoys their sessions.

All of this content will be so valuable, to help promote the incredible services you offer. It will contribute greatly to many more parents finding the Learnersaurus program, and many more students succeeding - so please don't be camera shy!

The photos and footage will be used on our website, in marketing promotions, presentations, information videos and testimonials.

What does it involve?

  • A shoot should only take about 15 minutes with you and each student (and their parent if they're willing to be in it too)
  • Photos of you and your student working on a variety of Learnersaurus activities together (wooden letters, handwriting, reading, card games, etc)
  • Filming a quick 2 minute interview each
  • Please ask the parent and student for their consent for these photographs and video to be used in Learnersaurus marketing
  • If you wish, I am also happy to take some photos of you (with no students) in your workspace and put a feature post on our social media to promote you and your business.
  • Each student who is happy to participate will receive a free card game of their choice! (Letters Out Loud, Matchy Matchy or Lost Letters)

If you're keen, please have a chat with some of your students/parents, and let me know a time that suits you best for me to come to your workspace on either Monday 9th or Tuesday 10th July (next week). 

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next week!


Stef Patch