Last year the majority of our students finished on a PM 2 and this year the majority have finished on a PM 7 !!!”

“Last year we had 47 students finish ‘Below the expected Level’ and this year we have had only 24 students.”

 ”This is the best program I have used”

 “We can never not do this
— Teachers across Australia

Using Learnersaurus in Schools

Learnersaurus resources and programs are a fantastic way to improve literacy outcomes for the whole school. In our trials in 2015/16, Teachers used the program across 2 terms with outstanding results, proving this evidence based approach is essential to literacy skill development.

Start with "26 Letters"

All students can benefit from the alphabet, sequencing and literacy activities, which develop essential skills in their early stages of learning, no matter what their age is. This is our "26 Letters" approach.

Our "26 Letter" packs are available for Teachers to use in a classroom setting or small intensive groups, with all students interacting and working together.

Other Learnersaurus resources are available in bulk orders at a discounted price for the classroom, including workbooks, stationery, games and tools for learning. Available in our shop.

The next step: Intensive Training for Schools

Teachers and Teacher Assistants (school officers) can now be part of this exciting whole school intervention!

We offer an intensive three day training to become a Learnersaurus Coach in schools (best suited for primary and prep schools).

In these 3 intensive days of training, you will learn about dyslexia, what we need to address and how to implement the methodologies for the intensive, structured one on one approach to intervention. The Learnersaurus methodologies target a structured, sequential, explicit, cumulative and multisensory approach to literacy learning. All resources and workbooks will be demonstrated and available.

The 3 day training includes:

  • Resources and training for the intensive, structured approach to literacy, using  methodologies that are Orton/Gillingham based with the principals of Multisensory Structured Language teaching. 
  • 3 days of staff training to deliver this one on one, as an intensive intervention for students who are struggling to gain their literacy skills.
  • Schools who choose this can will be licensed and will receive ongoing support, reduced costs of resources and PD opportunities with Learnersaurus.
  • License to use the materials and receive the complete guide book for the school. 
  • The cost of the License is included in the cost of the training for the first year.
  • Catering all 3 days

$950 per person

Go to the Events page to find out when our next training is on!

Email us for more information about using the Learnersaurus Program in your school: