About the Learnersaurus Program

At last, a literacy and dyslexia program you can use in your own home, in your own time! For an affordable price, you can get started with a specialised and detailed Learnersaurus Literacy Pack to use at home and with your Learnersaurus coach.

You can be the best support to your learner by following the instructional video in conjunction with the pack of resources. This is an easy to follow, explicit, cumulative, multi sensory program, suitable for all learners 7+ years (especially dyslexic learners).

By working progressively with your Learnersaurus Coach, you can continue through the workbooks at home. Daily repetition is required with our ready to go Practise Books. After 10 weeks on the program, when followed as instructed, you will see your learner’s confidence grow and watch them enjoy success as they begin to gain their literacy skills.

About Learnersaurus

Leslie is the the founder and visionary of all that Learnersaurus is. Her studies, passion to help learners (and fueling herself with chocolate!) are what makes Learnersaurus what it is today.

For over 30 years, Leslie worked as a teacher, a learning support teacher and music specialist in schools. Leslie saw the frustration and concerns that parents and teachers endure when their capable students continue to struggle to acquire literacy skills after several years of schooling. Through her research, experience and work with students of all ages and abilities, it was clear there was a need to create alternative learning programs to provide opportunities for literacy learning.

In 2008, Leslie created Learnersaurus in Brisbane, to provide a solution for teachers, parents and students through personalised coaching, workshops and specialised resources. In her search for more evidence based research and practice, in 2011, Leslie completed Postgraduate studies through Dyslexia Action (University of York) in the UK.

We now have a busy team of Learnersaurus coaches across Australia who would be happy to help you and your child, several schools who have implemented the Learnersaurus Literacy program, and a full range of products that integrate into the Learnersaurus programs.


What our community says...

My son uses strategies to spell and comprehend information and then putting all these together, he is happier and more confident with his school work.
— Parent
Learnersaurus instils learners with confidence and skills so they can actively move forward with reading, writing and spelling. The skills are re-enforced in many varied ways so the children stay focused and interested.
— Teacher
As a parent of 2 dyslexic children, the Learnersaurus Literacy Program has been an invaluable learning experience for both my children and myself. They love the fact that they have the time and ability to succeed.
— Parent
My son thinks he does his Learnersaurus work for some fun but he is actually learning vital skills that will help him with his learning difficulty.
— Parent