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There are plenty of things you can do with your learner at home to help improve their literacy skills (reading, writing and spelling). Our games, books and stationery are all specially designed for dyslexic learners and can be used with all learners at home. 

Where do I start?

The 26 Letters pack and free online course is the best place to start!

The 26 letters of the alphabet are your secret to success in reading, spelling and writing. This is where you MUST begin when helping those who struggle!

Parents can use the 26 Letters Pack at home with their child and after approximately 10 weeks of regular and repetitive practise, you will see their literacy skills and confidence grow.

Maybe they know the alphabet song, maybe they know the letters individually, but can they automatically sequencewriteread and match the sound to every alphabet letter? Do they know how to use the letters and the rules that go with them? This is often the reason that many children do not progress and find reading, spelling and writing difficult.

Our 26 Letters Pack includes a combination of Learnersaurus products which provide a multisensory approach to learning the alphabet, and an easy to follow workbook to guide you through the activities at home.

Complete the FREE ONLINE COURSE to learn the steps to using the 26 Letters Pack with your learner!

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