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Helping all learners to read, write and spell!

We are passionate about raising the awareness and understanding of literacy learning. The Learnersaurus literacy programs and products are being used extensively in schools and homes across Australia, with great success for all learners, including dyslexic learners.

Our programs and products are based on the principles of Multi Sensory Structured Language teaching and provide a series of workbooks to guide and deliver a cumulative, explicit, phonic-based, structured program.

Get started with your learner at home, at school or with a coach today!


The Learnersaurus programs have been developed to provide an alternative approach to literacy learning for students who have not responded to classroom teaching, and other interventions. After approximately 40 weeks of the Learnersaurus program tuition, reading improves and literacy skills develop! The learner gains success and self confidence improves.


The Learnersaurus programs are based on the principles and evidence based research from Orton and Gillingham, and Dyslexia Action UK. Leslie Keast-Patch has combined this research with her studies and experience as an educator over the last 30 years to create a alternative solution for students who struggle with literacy.


The activities in the program are a carefully structured combination of multi-sensory, structured, cumulative and explicit methods of literacy teaching and learning, achieving ongoing success for the student. Repetitive practice is essential with the aim of developing automaticity in letter/sound recognition, letter writing and providing knowledge about the structure of our language.  

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