Fuel to the Fire

A big thank-you goes out to Mem Fox for recently opening the debate about reading and her controversial and rather flippant comments about the reading process. They have given us an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about dyslexia and provide some much needed factual information about the process of learning to read.

This morning on the Today Show, Professor Anne Castles and Julie Mavlian (from Code Read Dyslexia, parent and teacher) gave an excellent interview, sharing the crucial information about reading and dyslexia to Australia! 

Congratulations and well done ladies! THANK-YOU!

It is wonderful to see the army of informed and knowledgeable warriors who are joining forces to not only raise awareness, but get some action happening in our education system, supporting our teachers with the correct information and training, and supporting the parents who are confused and anxious about their child's future.

Environmental factors, bad teaching and poor teaching do not cause reading disabilities! 

Most of the parents and teachers I have worked with over the last 35 years are dedicated and passionate about supporting their children, they are just not sure how to.

Reading ability is not a reflection of intelligence!

Many of the people (children and adults) I have worked with over the years are of superior intelligence, and many are just amazing people. We can not afford to see their potential wasted because of our system.

After over a decade of research and study in this area myself, I have been searching to find the best way to share my knowledge and the programs I have developed. I soon learned that until we educate those who are responsible for our education system, we have to shout louder about the reasons our children aren't learning to read! I now have 3 online training programs that are ready and waiting for those who are ready to learn more.

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Leslie Keast-Patch