26 Letters Pack

26 Letters Pack


The 26 letters of the alphabet are your secret to success in reading spelling and writing. This is where you MUST begin when helping those who struggle!

We've prepared a pack of the essential resources to build skills and confidence that will successfully prepare your learner for the next step in literacy learning.

When supporting a struggling learner, how often have you been told "they know the alphabet”. Maybe they know the song, maybe they know the letters individually, but can they sequence, write and match the sounds to every letter? Do they know how to use the letters, and the rules that go with them?

This is very often the reason that many children do not progress and find reading, spelling and writing difficult. 

Is it easy to do? YES!
Will it take alot of work? YES! 
Will it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

The pack includes:

  • 26 Letters activity book

  • Alphabet Kingdom book

  • Wooden Letters (Capitals)

  • Wooden Letter Case

  • U Pencil

  • Wipe-off Letter Cards

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