Learning in the New Year

Happy New Year to all!

Wonderful opportunities await, new learning and sadly for many learners, it can be more of the same obstacles and limitations. As the excitement of the new year at school ahead unfolds, be sure to take some time to prepare for and prevent some of the traps and brick walls that have presented themselves in the past.

I wrote the book Lex and Me for this very reason. If we can educate those who will educate our children, the year ahead may be more optimistic. Working with parents over the years, I have seen a thirst for knowledge around how their child will learn best, and this is a great way to prepare for the coming year of learning.

The Intro to Dyslexia and Literacy Learning online course will set you up with the detailed information that prepares you with the knowledge to support your child, but also helps in knowing what to ask for and how to support the teacher. In an ideal world, all of our teachers and principals would have knowledge of this, but we know the reality, and you can make a huge difference by being prepared with the knowledge yourself.

You can reduce the anxiety that builds in the first term by requesting the right measures are in place from the beginning of the term instead of waiting for failure. A happy child who feels valued and understood will be much more successful in the classroom. Prevention before intervention is the secret to their success.

Leslie Keast-Patch