New Teachers, you can do it!

Congratulations to new teachers on choosing such a rewarding inspiring profession. This is when you will see what a profound impact you will have on the lives of those young humans you will be responsible for in the coming months.

The first few days in your classroom will set the tone for how each individual child engages and adjusts to their environment. When the days are tough, always remember why you became a teacher. You have what it takes, and your caring, kind and intuitive nature is something that all children need! Give them your time, your attention and show them you care.

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Don't forget to continue to learn. You can always keep developing your knowledge as an educator and assist learners in many different ways. Learners acquire knowledge uniquely to how their brain works, so it's not always "one size fits all".

Our courses cater for all learning styles with an explicit, multisensory approach to literacy. Get started with our free ‘26 Letters’ course, or jump straight in with our full ‘Become A Coach’ course!

Leslie Keast-Patch